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      Welcome to your Best Diet Source for supplementing your nutritional needs! Whether you are dieting, undergoing a gastric procedure, or using a semiglutide-1 drug like Ozempic or Wegovy, our protein supplements will help protect you from losing as much muscle, help prevent hair loss, and help you get the nutrients you need to lose weight safely. Protein supplements are also a great healthy, nutritious snack for those maintaining or stabilizing their weight.


We are also the BEST DIET SOURCE for those of you on the Belly Buster Diet at Before and After Weight Loss Clinics or any low carb, low fat diet using protein supplements.We include COUNSELING and guidance with your products! We would like to invite you to our online home (our kitchen, spa, office, library, and more) to experience the Belly Buster Diet with us. One reason our clients love our program so is the homey feel of getting to know our consultants.Please check in frequently for specials and for new products.

First, let's get to know you... 

Please give us a call and set a time for a FREE Metabolic Assessment so we can provide the best diet for your needs. We will match your profile to one of our six diet plans and then stabilize your blood sugar before you start.  And oh...if you need to work out, check out Steve Pfiester's videos in our gym!  Steve from Fit to Fat to Fit is local to us! Just turn up the music and do your workout in front of your laptop! He and his wife own a local gym in Vero Beach, FL.

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