Belly Buster Diet

  • $ 19700

You will be assigned to a Belly Buster Buddy and take our 7-class mental health course to keep you from sabotaging yourself and keep you focused as you do our low Carb, low fat, low glycemic healthy eating plan for safe and permanent weight loss plan. It has four phases: detox, the diet itself, stabilization and maintenance that you will take over the course of one year. This is what your $197 includes for three months (renewable every 3 mos.) of those four phases:

  1.  A reading of you health profile and determination from your free metabolic assessment which of our six diet plans you should do.
  2.  Analysis of which herbal products and vitamins are best for your health situation. (These are not added all at once, but gradually as you are with us for a year!)
  3.  Once per week phone consultations during the dieting & stabilization phases & once per month phone consultations during maintenance on the program.
  4. Cooking classes if the consultant offers them each month; if not the company offers a blog online with weekly recipes.  
  5. Life skill classes for group therapy by teleconference with a mental health counselor once per week.
  6. Company specials every week with discounts and freebies and free shipping on orders of $200 or more.
  7. Toll-free number to the company (888-657-5402) for advice if local consultant not available.

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